We Are All “Creatives”


I don’t believe there’s a line in the sand between the “creatives” and everyone else.

You don’t need a fixie, a pack of free-range, ethically-treated organic chicken, and the Complete Works of Wes Anderson to be a “creative.” I get the idea behind the moniker, but we’re all “creatives.” The data scientist is a storyteller as he gives the numbers a voice through his analysis. The operations manager takes a creative approach to system issues, because let’s face it, nothing is “seamlessly integrated.” The agency CEO masterfully weaves a vision of how his potential clients can reach success by partnering with his company.

I celebrate the beautiful mix of gray matter hemispheres that make up the mind! Every team needs a hearty mix to thrive and grow.

I’m a blend like all of us, though with a rightward lean. The arts are in my blood, from Shakespeare to Eric Whitacre to Ansel Adams. I adore the written word. I edit my text messages. I think in memes, haikus, and “would that fit in 140 characters?”

But I also have the Google Analytics app on my phone. I’ll chat with you for an hour about the best time to send an email. I’m an Asana fan, an obsessive list-maker, and I used to live by my Day-Runner (remember those? They were made of paper.)

So here’s to our powers combined. Here’s to relentless learning from each other.

Here’s to the “creatives.” All of us. 

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