Needy Child Unsure He Was Actually Helped Because No Pictures Shared on Social Media

GABORONE, BOTSWANA: 8-year old Nbawe Ngonawae recently met a bearded, shorts & Hillsong t-shirt-wearing twenty-something named Brandon who visited his country on a singles group mission trip. Brandon shared his lunch with Nbawae, helped dig a well for his village, gave him several CrossLife Church t-shirts, and played basketball with Nbawe and his friends. However, after Brandon left the village to fly home to his air-conditioned suburban condo in Kansas City, Nbawe was sitting outside his hut scrolling through Instagram and realized that no photos of Brandon & Nbawe had been posted on social media. He is now unsure whether or not he actually benefitted from Brandon’s visit.
“Now I do not know whether or not I have been helped,” said Nbawe. “I expected to see at least 3-4 selfies with the hashtags #missiontrip, #blessed, #giveback or #missional, but all I saw on Brandon’s feed was a few sunset pictures and overhead coffee pictures, accompanied by #devoswithcoffee and #theheavensdeclare.”

Brandon was unable to be reached, as he was too busy intentionally pursuing that cute brunette from his life group (but guarding her heart, of course.) Nbawe shared, “I do hope to see a few pictures on Facebook or Twitter soon so I can be confident I truly made my new friend.”

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