About Jeremiah

First, we need to talk about the elephant in the room. I’m definitely not the tattoo guy that you were looking for when you Googled “Jeremiah Barba.” Though I do have some sweet ink. And by “have” I mean “had,” and by “sweet ink” I mean a temporary tattoo I pulled out of a a cereal box. When I was 10.

Okay, that’s out of the way. *wipes brow*

So who am I? Commence bullet points!

-Content Marketing Manager at an enterprise planning software company in San Francisco, CA. Arts lover & writer at heart, “eclectic” is my middle name (actually, it’s David.)

-Married (up) to my wife/hero Yiqian for 5+ years, father of two boys (I’m hoping for professional golfer and airline pilot—too soon?)

-Been to 48 states (Alaska and North Dakota are the hold-outs. Alaskan cruise, maybe? And let’s face it, you have to CHOOSE to go to North Dakota.)

-Lived in: California, Wisconsin, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Hawaii, Pennsylvania (Uhaul has offered me stock. I declined. More of a Penske guy myself.)

Thanks for stopping by. Mi virtual casa es su virtual casa.



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